24 Mar 2015

I'm Craving Something I Can Feel

I have a lot of love for pancakes so I always try to opt for a healthier recipe so they're a bit more guilt-free. I shared a recipe for banana pancakes a while ago but I always find it takes forever as they're a nightmare to flip!

I recently tried this recipe from Nic's Nutrition which is really simple and effortless and still tastes amazing. If you don't like banana pancakes for the taste or the messiness then this recipe is for you - you just need oat flour (oats blended up), eggs and some Greek yogurt (Total 0% fat is my favourite but any type of Greek yogurt should work). They taste just like American style pancakes (the ones on Matilda!) and are full of protein from the eggs and yogurt so they'll fill you up.

I find that they cook quite quickly and the thickness of the batter means they have a really fluffy texture when they're ready. You can serve these in any way you like, I opted for a drizzle of agave nectar and some blueberries to keep them healthy but some Nutella would taste amazing too!

When I was searching for my banana pancakes recipe I found this post with lots of healthier lunch ideas that I wrote back in 2013. Eggs are something i've been eating a lot of recently to get more protein into my diet and this website from British Lion Eggs has lots of boiled egg recipes that are great for lunch too.

This post is a collaboration with British Lion Eggs.

9 Mar 2015

We Never Go Out Of Style

I've shared my love of face masks before and finally decided to try out a couple of clay ones from The Body Shop after reading lots of good reviews and being tempted by their 40% off discount code. I've been using the Origins Clear Improvement mask for about a year and as much as I love it and don't mind paying a bit more for a product that works it would be good to find a cheaper alternative!

The seaweed mask is something i've wanted to try for a while and looks similar to my favourite Origins mask. I applied an even layer with an old foundation brush and it went on quite thickly and dried completely after a few minutes. I left it on for a little bit longer than the recommended ten minutes and found it easy to wipe away with a warm muslin cloth. It left my skin looking clearer and brighter and I was quite surprised to find that it was a bit softer too considering that it is for oily/combination skin and mine is quite dry. It retails at £13 which is quite expensive but I can see the pot lasting quite a while and there are always lots of good offers which can make it a bit cheaper.

                                                                                   I've only ever used a Montagne Jeunesse warming mask before so I was excited to try this one from The Body Shop. It comes in a tube and looks a bit like moisturiser but when you rub it in it has a glue like formula. As you rub it in it gets warmer (but not too warm!) and I found it really relaxing while I waited the three minutes that it recommends. When it came to removing it I found it really difficult and ended up having to really scrub it off which obviously didn't help my skin at all! I've since tried it a couple more times and had the same result so I don't think this product really suits my skin. The warming mask retails at £10 which is slightly cheaper than the seaweed mask but I don't think i'll buy it again.

24 Feb 2015

Dough Pizza Kitchen, Manchester

I love finding new places to eat so after reading Victoria's best places to eat and drink in Manchester, Dough was at the top of my list and it didn't disappoint. The restaurant is tucked away in Manchester's Northern Quarter next to cocktail bar Apotheca and we found it quite easily which is always good!

There's lots on the menu including plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, I opted for the Pesto Chicken pizza which was amazing and the chicken tasted really fresh - a million times nicer than the processed chicken you get on shop bought pizzas!  We also ordered the Rosemary Focaccia as a starter which was the perfect size to share between the four of us without leaving us too full for the main. The girls had Pulled Pork and Fiorentina pizzas and loved theirs too so Dough is a really good choice if you're dining in a group as there's something for everyone on the menu. I'm not sure what the desserts are like as I didn't have room for one but i'll definitely be going back to try one soon, I just wish pizza wasn't quite so filling!

My pizza was £9.20 which I thought was really reasonable for an independent restaurant. I love that the food is cooked at the front of the restaurant in front of you so you can see it's all made freshly because there's nothing more disappointing than a meal that you know has been re-heated! The only thing I can fault was the service which was a little slow but it was Saturday afternoon so I can't really complain especially as we managed to get a table straight away without booking. I'd definitely recommend Dough if you're looking for somewhere for lunch or dinner that won't break the bank and if you're a pizza addict like me, you can't go wrong! 

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