Five Good Things in January

I'm not sure how it's February as New Year feels like yesterday(!) but I thought it would be nice to write a post to look back on the good things that have happened each month. Here are a few of the things I loved in January...

1. When I was younger I loved reading but starting uni meant that it was never quiet enough for me to sit down and get lost in a book. I've got into the habit of watching things on my iPad before bed (usually Carpool Karaoke!) and it's not helping me to sleep so I recently bought a few new books and started reading again. I'm currently halfway through reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and so far i'm finding it hard to put down which is always a good thing! If anyone has any recommendations for any similar style books please let me know!

2. I updated my MacBook to El Capitan and i'm loving the new look! My laptop hasn't been properly updated for years but now I don't have to worry about losing any uni assignments I thought i'd take the risk! Everything is so much faster and other than a noisy fan, it's so much easier to use and i've finally been able to give my blog a little makeover too - it's the little things in life!

3. At the minute i'm loving the H&M In Store Playlist on Spotify. It's such a good way to discover new music and it's perfect to leave on shuffle while i'm blogging too. The new Walking On Cars album is also another recent favourite and i've been listening to it lots while i'm driving - At Gunpoint and Catch Me If You Can are such good songs!

4. Last weekend I met up with the girls and we had afternoon tea which was such a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. There's nothing better than gossiping and eating lots of cake and I also used it as an excuse to bake cookies and gingerbread which went down well too. Another food favourite that I discovered in January was the Chocolate & Love range. I'm obsessed with the Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt flavour and how nice is the packaging?!

5. I thought i'd share some of my favourite blog posts as I love reading other people's recommendations. Rosie wrote this post about realising how far you've come, and as someone who doesn't have a lot of confidence and is their own worst enemy a lot of the time, it definitely gave me something to think about! Victoria also blogged about beating negativity in this post and my favourite part was when she said "You will always keep making progress" which is something that as a recent graduate, I really needed to read.

New In: MAC

MAC is a brand that I don't buy a lot but my love of reading beauty blogs has meant that there are always a few products on my wishlist. I remember when I first started blogging and there was a huge obsession with MAC and their new collections but I was 17 at the time and I couldn't afford anything! Now I can treat myself I try to buy things that I know will be worth the money as there are so many dupes on the high street that are a lot more affordable.

208 Eyebrow Brush
I know, £16.50 on an eyeshadow brush, what was I thinking?! I'm not even going to make excuses, I really needed a new one and as I was already planning a MAC order I decided to add one to my basket because I couldn't be bothered to order a cheaper alternative. I'm hoping that this will be something that will last and won't end up falling apart like my current ELF brush - so far the investment is proving to be worth it and my eyebrows do look a bit neater!

Patina Eyeshadow
After spending months trying to decide on the final eyeshadow to fill my quad I chose Patina. I'm going to do a separate post on my neutral palette but so far i'm really loving this shade and I know it's one i'll use a lot. Patina is a golden brown with a little bit of shimmer that complements my green eyes and works perfectly with Woodwinked for an everyday neutral look.

Soft & Gentle Highlighter
One of the main reasons for my MAC order was to finally buy Soft & Gentle after reading so many good things about it. It's my first powder highlighter and initially I was a bit worried as it does appear to be really glittery when you first open it but once applied it looks so much nicer! At £24 it was definitely an investment but you only need to use a tiny bit so hopefully it will last a long time! I really like the new MAC packaging too - it feels a lot better quality and less brittle and I love that it fastens magnetically so my makeup bag won't be a glittery mess!

Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
This was a free sample with my order and i'm looking forward to trying it as i've never bought a high-end mascara. I love how tiny it is as it will be perfect for travelling as my makeup bag is always too full!

After my little splurge I feel like the risk of buying MAC products online has paid off as they've all turned out to be nice in real life! One day i'll brave the MAC counter but until then i'll rely on beauty blogs to persuade me - Milly's blog is perfect if you're looking for product photos :)

Ten People You'll Find In A University Library

A year ago I was sat in my uni library stressing about my dissertation so I thought i'd put together a post to celebrate all the people I got to share that with!

1. The one with the books. All the books. They're usually studying something really boring and sit next to you and stack them up so they can't see you. And then spend the next few hours reading about two pages from each while not using the computer they're logged in to.

2. The person who thinks its a cafe. Who sits there eating their packed lunch, chewing and rustling crisp wrappers, dropping crumbs, making it smell like tuna and not doing a single bit of work. All while sat with a sign saying 'no eating or drinking' directly in front of them. 

3. The owner of the world's worst ringtone. And possibly the best entertainment you can get in a library. When it's all silent and their phone goes off and their ringtone is Atomic Kitten or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And everyone looks up and laughs. And yes those are real examples. 

4. The lads. Who sit in groups and mainly browse Facebook or spend an hour trying to work out how to write one reference. One of them usually ends up falling off their chair or trying not to make it obvious they're checking out the girl sat next to them. 

5. The one who thinks its a cinema. Or at least they give that impression by choosing to watch football/pokemon in the library. Anyone who's looking for a computer will walk past giving them death stares, not that they'd notice.

6. The girls who haven't grown up. Who sit there giggling and taking selfies and browsing the Topshop website or discussing what mascara they're wearing. The library is just another social occasion and somewhere to sit. Obvs.

7. The one with the hangover. Who sits there writing very little and drinking a lot of water. Who clearly has a deadline in the next 12 hours and is regretting going out last night while trying not to vomit/fall asleep. The satisfaction of sitting there with no headache and the ability to concentrate is far too good!

8. The person who hasn't had a shower in the last three weeks. Who always chooses to sit next to you. You can't concentrate and you can't be bothered to move and you're just sitting there hoping they'll only sit there for five minutes. Which turns into two hours and there are no windows and the smell is making you want to be sick. Is this a good enough reason to get a deadline extension? Yes it is.

9. The couple. Who walk in holding hands and make it quite obvious they can't be separated. They have to share a computer and spend far too much time staring into each others eyes/whispering/laughing. Not something you really need to see when you've got 5,000 words to write. 

10. The one with the bad taste in music. Who sits there with heavy metal/rap music blasting out of their earphones and would have a ridiculous excuse if anyone complained. At least listen to something with words if you want to distract me!